Flossing is one of those oral care routines that a lot of people overlook or consider optional. But flossing plays an important role in maintaining healthy teeth and gums, and in fact – it can be just as important as brushing as it pertains to plaque and cavity prevention.

Flossing – Getting the In-Between Spaces

Flossing cleans the space between your gums and teeth where food particles and plaque can build up and go unnoticed without the help of floss. If you allow plaque to sit on your teeth for large portions of time, it will turn into tartar – a hard yellow substance that requires the help of a dental professional to remove. So by flossing, you can help to keep this area clean and clear of such risks.

The Risks Associated With Not Flossing

Tartar can also lead to gingivitis, causing your gums to become red and swollen, and is the first stage to a potentially more damaging disease known as periodontitis.

Although rare, periodontitis can occur when tartar builds up beneath your gums. It is a severe gum disease that causes inflammation, and can lead to both tooth loss as well as bone loss.

At DentistsRUs, we know that taking proper care of your teeth includes regular flossing, and in doing so – you can prevent a lot of the aforementioned oral concerns. So ensure you are taking preventative measures in order to guard against cavities and these more severe issues, and keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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