Dentists R Us offers a wide variety of services, including impacted wisdom tooth removal in Burnaby.

Your wisdom teeth are also known as third molars. They are late bloomers and erupt between the ages of 16-20 …sometimes later.

An impacted tooth is a tooth that fails to emerge fully through the gums, which is often the case with wisdom teeth, as there is little room left for them by these later years in life.

Ironically, an impacted tooth can be painless, but when an impacted wisdom tooth tries to erupt and cannot, the gums lying on top of it might begin to swell causing pain. In addition, your other teeth could feel the brunt of this emerging tooth, and even your ears could become sore on either given side.

In addition, partially erupted teeth can collect food and begin to decay. It can lead to gum swelling and even cause an infection known as pericoronitis, which can spread toward the throat and into the neck, and is a serious concern.

Symptoms of an Impacted Tooth

  • Your gums can become swollen
  • Your jaw can begin to ache
  • Bad breath can start to occur due to infection
  • You could begin to have a bad taste in your mouth
  • Chewing or biting could cause you pain

These types of issues could occur randomly and seldom, or be a consistent pain in your mouth.

You dentist can see if you have any impacted wisdom teeth with an x-ray, which will show where and how the tooth is growing in, and from there they can discuss a solution.

Of course there are always concerns with extracting a tooth, mainly around the issue of pain. But at our Burnaby sedation dentistry office, we have the ability to put you into a gentle state of rest, so we can complete the procedure while you remain comfortable.

After a removal, and definitely after an extraction where sedation was used, someone should be available to drive you to your appointment and take you home.

As with any of your oral concerns, Dentists R Us is here to help if you are looking for wisdom teeth extraction in Burnaby.

Call or come by one of our many dental offices, and we can better assist you in the next step to take to ensure your oral health is at its optimal best!

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