Wisdom teeth removal is a bit of a “rite of passage” as it pertains to growing up and addressing things before they become an issue later in life. That being said, teens often have questions surrounding what they can expect with wisdom teeth removal. So at DentistsRUs – we want to address the most commonly asked wisdom teeth removal questions!

Wisdom Teeth Facts
Wisdom teeth often begin to erupt during the mid-teens, and they are the 3rd set of molars that come in at the very far back of your mouth.

They can sometimes cause pain as they begin to push through, often because they have a tendency to be pushing on the teeth in front of them or even on top of them, preventing them from erupting as the rest of your teeth have in earlier years.

Reasons Why Wisdom Teeth May Not Fit”

Wisdom teeth often don’t fit because your mouth/jaw simply isn’t large enough to accommodate all of your teeth.

Alternately, your wisdom teeth may simply be growing in on an angle, which also results in the need to have your wisdom teeth removed to prevent infection, or the shifting of your other adult teeth.
When Do Most Teens Have Their Wisdom Teeth Removed?
Most teens have their wisdom teeth removed around age 17, although some wisdom teeth grow in later or some people wait longer – up to age 25, or even older if their wisdom teeth are decayed and require removal later in life. But most commonly wisdom teeth are usually removed between the ages of 17-25.

Are Wisdom Teeth Extractions a “Big Deal”?
Wisdom teeth removal can be as quick as any other form or oral treatments, and the healing process can be also. The main area of concern is often comfort, and because all our DentistsRUs dental professionals in the Lower Mainland offer sedation dentistry, it helps patients alleviate both the discomfort as well as the concern with coming in for their wisdom teeth extractions.

Your wisdom teeth removal at any of our Metro Vancouver offices will have you returning to school or work within a day or two, and feeling like you accomplished a great milestone in life, maintaining your oral health for years to come!

So call or come by to book your wisdom teeth extraction appointment, and allow us to help you feel confident in your decision with us…

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